5 Simple Ways to Ease Mitzvah Planning Stress

bar mitzvah, Bat mitzvah
Most parents are immediately filled with excitement when they receive their child’s bar or bat mitzvah date.  Typically this happens 2-3 years in advance of the actual date.  What seems to transpire next can overwhelm even the most-experienced event/party planning parent.   If your child’s bar/bat mitzvah date is within a 2-year time frame, these tips will help ease your angst.
Here are 5 fabulous resources to use when starting the planning phases of your child’s mitzvah:

1.  Mitzvah Planning Advice Online.
Both www.mitzvahmarket.com and the Facebook page for South Florida Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Planning Group are ideal sources.  Even though  Mitzvah Market is NY vicinity based and the South Florida Facebook page is southern, parents flock to these sites from all over the country.  Vendor recommendations, parent questions, party planning tips and mitzvah studying/preparation are discussed in extreme detail.  We guarantee every question you ever asked is covered between these 2 links!
2.  Referrals From Friends.
Is this the year your friends’ children have their bar/bat mitzvah?  Take note at what you like, what you don’t like and what you wish you could have at your child’s mitzvah.  Talk to your friends about their vendor experiences and listen to their feedback.  Most likely, you will encounter most of your party planning vendors via referrals.  Also ask your venue’s party coordinator about their experiences with various vendors (DJ’s, Photographers, Caterers, etc.) as this will dial you into who is easy to work with and who you should forget about calling.
3.  Mitzvah Project Choices.
TheMitzvahBowl.com is the go-to choice nationwide for most families when searching for a meaningful and unique bar/bat mitzvah project.  This site is dedicated to finding an ideal community service project for your 12+ year-old by categorizing mitzvah project choices by their passion.  Go to their ‘more ideas’ page or contact them at info@themitzvahbowl.com for help finding the perfect project.
4.  Synagogue Support.
Your clergy is your best ally when preparing a child for his/her bar/bat mitzvah.  Utilize the resources right at your front door by talking to your clergy about what you would like to see in the service, mitzvah project suggestions, study ideas and anything else you deem important in the planning process.  They are there for you to ease your stress levels!
5.  Your Child.
Please do not forget the all-important tween who is about to celebrate a milestone in his/her life.  Involve your child in the planning and ask for their opinion when making uneasy decisions.  This is their day and it’s important to include them in the process as its all about becoming a young adult, correct?
Do you have specific ideas easing the stress load for bar/bat mitzvah planning families?  If so, emailinfo@themitzvahbowl.com and we’ll add it to this post!