Holiday Season Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for a way to give back to your community this holiday season?

1.  The Christmas Mitzvah Project in Denver, Colorado is a local community-wide effort to lend a hand to hospitals, assisted living facilities, shelters and other organizations this Christmas.

2.  Find a local soup kitchen! has soup kitchen volunteer suggestions in local towns nationwide.

3.  Donate Toys. Toys for Tots offers drop off locations for toys donated to children in need.

4.  Philadelphia area families can check out for local volunteering.

5.  The D.C. area has a list of 39 Places Where You Can Volunteer With Your Kids on The Red Tricycle website.

6.  Become a Layaway Angel.  Go to a local Walmart and pay off a family’s layaway bill anonymously.

7.  These organizations give back specifically to children.  Choose one and send a donation or offer to volunteer for them.

Do you have suggestions for Holiday Season Volunteer Opportunities?  Let us know at