Laundromat Library League

100 W Virginia Avenue, West Chester, Pennsylvania 19380

Contact:  Lois Lamond or Mary Ann Schwab, (610) 383-7957,

The Laundromat Library League seeks to encourage children’s literacy at a fundamental level with free books. It is a small but important link in a support network to encourage livelong learning. The LLL places “Library Boxes” in laundromats and occasional other sites. A deliverer monitors these twice a month and, when needed, delivers a bag of replacement books to refresh the box. Our Goal is to make books available to children who have little or no access to books at home. We have created a network of laundromat libraries. Children can borrow a book, return it and take home another.

For your mitzvah project you can:

1. Run a book drive to collect books for LLL
2. Build and/or decorate boxes for the LLL

More Ways to help The Laundromat Library League are listed here.