These boys want to “hug their grandmothers”

This all started by a conversation with his grandmom who is a “high risk” person for Covid due to her age and autoimmune disease. His grandmom hoped there was a way to clearly see who was vaccinated and who wasn’t. The story of the wristband took off from there.

igotvax mitzvah project

Jackson Calder, a 7th grade student at Murray Avenue School in Huntingdon Valley, PA and his cousin Jacob, 6th grade student at Pyle Middle School in Bethesda, Maryland have started a movement to help generate COVID-19 vaccination awareness. In addition, they are raising money for World Central Kitchen.

Bar Mitzvah Project

The initiative was started as a Bar Mitzvah project, one that would make a safe & reasonable impact. The idea was to sell a wristband. It went viral with the hashtag #igotvax.
Our hope is that people getting the vaccine would wear it & share it, while making it fun.
The boys heard about World Central Kitchen and loved the idea of giving back to an organization that is helping so many others.

The website www.igotvax.com and the sale of wrist bands was launched this month and will go until all those wanting the vaccine are able to receive it. The #igotvax project is meant to encourage people to get the Covid-19 vaccine so that life can return to normalcy again. The boys want to soon “hug their grandmothers.”

100% of all proceeds are donated to the World Central Kitchen. World Central Kitchen is an organization using the power of food to heal communities and strengthen economies through times of crisis and beyond.

“I want igotvax to be everywhere. I hope that one day when people go to get their vaccine, the facilities administering the vaccine will be giving out the bands as a memento.” – Jackson

igotvax is eager to partner with other organizations to help get the word out. Any facility that works with the public in a personal capacity would be great partners. Wearing the wristband will offer a feeling of security knowing that the people you are interacting with are vaccinated. Healthcare Facilities, educational institutions, vaccination sites, corporations, hospitality industries are all ideal partners in this awareness campaign.
We are selling wristbands on the website and using Facebook and Instagram to grow awareness of the campaign. Corporate partnerships are available. Companies can co-brand the bands with their name, website or own hashtag if they like. Bands are $5.00. Anyone interested can visit www.igotvax.com to purchase or email info@igotvax.com

about World Central Kitchen

Founded in 2010 by Chef José Andrés, World Central Kitchen (WCK) uses the power of food to heal communities and strengthen economies in times of crisis and beyond. Learn more at wck.org.