Getting Started

Getting Started

How do I find a mitzvah project?

Getting started with your mitzvah project.

Your bar/bat mitzvah is approaching and you are getting started in your search for a way to make this a meaningful experience. Add these special ingredients of community service, responsibility, kindness, and good deeds to get a true taste of what it’s like to make a difference and connect to your own sense of Jewish identity.

1. I have a special interest in ____________ (fill in the blank).

2. What do I enjoy doing in my spare time?

3. What community/global problems peak my curiosity?

4. How can I help?

Mitzvah project soup cookingUse the answers to these questions to point you in the right direction. Try to think about it on your own without the help of a parent.

Two additional things all bar/bat mitzvah students should keep in mind:

1.The Mitzvah Bowl defines a meaningful experience as interacting with your cause face-to-face. Spend time learning about the cause and its needs and discover a way to use your talents to volunteer within the organization.

2. Make sure your project is manageable, meaning you have the time, resources, effort, and commitment available to making your mitzvah project work. Talk with your parents, rabbi, trusted adults, & teachers to see if your mitzvah project idea can be implemented.

Getting started on your mitzvah project takes dedication and a little self-reflection.
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