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Medic Mobile

MedicMobile.org 220 Halleck St. Suite 210 San Francisco, California 94129 Contact:  Katie Kelley, Director of Communications, (415) 746-9758 hello@medicmobile.org Medic Mobile’s mission is to improve health in hard-to-reach communities. One BILLION people will never see a doctor in their lives and will never receive essential health services.  Our mobile and web tools help community health workers, clinics, and families communicate so that more people receive quality healthcare. We are focused on identifying and addressing the highest impact opportunities to use mobile tools, currently: antenatal and postnatal care, childhood immunizations, stock monitoring for essential medicines, and disease surveillance. For your mitzvah […]


Helping Jewish Troops

My name is Lance Steiner.  I live in Yardley and am 12.   My Bar-Mitzvah Mitzvah Project is Hand-to-Hero where I send care packages to American Jewish Military Personnel who are deployed overseas. There’s an Army Mom who maintains a very current list of those who are in places like Iraq and Afghanistan and on ships.  There are a few Rabbis who are serving as well right alongside everyone else. She also provided us with the main point-of-contact for care packages to Lanstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany where those injured in combat first go to from Iraq and Afghanistan.  This is also the same […]


African Library Project

African Library Project 5 Thistle St, Portola Valley, CA 94028 Contact: Lauren Small, Executive Director, info@africanlibraryproject.org +1-856-423-7222 Do you love to read? Can you imagine a world without good books?  Many rural African schools/communities have no or very little access to reading material. The African LIbrary Project changes lives book by book by starting small libraries in anglophone African countries. We mobilize US volunteers to organize book drives to provide the books to start or improve libraries in African schools and communities.  Our work makes a concrete and personal difference on both continents. Join us!   For your mitzvah project, help […]