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www.gotaed.org PO Box 6, Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania 19444 Contact: Samantha Krouse, Manager (610) 574-4532  samantha@gotaed.org GotAED, is a crowdfunding site dedicated to placing automated external defibrillators (AED devices) where kids learn and play. Sudden cardiac arrest isn’t just an adult thing. It is the number one killer of student athletes each year. An AED device is the only tool that can save someone in cardiac arrest, because it shocks the heart back into normal rhythm. GotAED makes it practical and affordable for youth-related facilities to raise money and acquire an AED device. From personal experience, we know that funding for AEDs can be […]


Technology and Tzedakah

One of the most popular trends in bar and bat mitzvah preparation is the Tzedakah project. It’s an idea that has become an unofficial requirement in many communities. And it’s a great model because it teaches kids that becoming a Jewish adult means thinking about others and taking on responsibility for those less fortunate. Tzedakah might be a Jewish obligation but learning to step up to the plate and make a difference is a valuable choice. Many Jewish parents want their children to forge a relationship with Israel. Ten Gav offers a unique opportunity that allows a child to connect […]