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Need Event Advice?

Mitzvah parents, teens and organizations:  Are you planning an upcoming event to support your cause? Have you thought about all of the variables regarding your event, especially how many people will show?  Your event will rely on how many people show up in order to plan for food, drinks, volunteer support, timing of the day and so much more!  Read this great article, RSVP Strategies for your Next Big Event, which will help you get a better handle on what to expect.   RSVP Strategies For Your Next Big Event Your event is a week away and only 15 people […]


A Meaningful Affair

With my youngest daughter’s bat mitzvah on the horizon, it’s important to me to remember the meaningfulness behind this milestone.  We all get caught up in the details and sometimes forget the sole purpose of this occasion.  When I talk to friends about the planning details of our upcoming party, sometimes, I realize that I do not like how it sounds. The challenge for me is to make this a wonderful family day and weave in as much significance as possible into the celebration. For my older daughter’s bat mitzvah, I asked the following questions at every crossroad- making decision: […]


If I build it, will they come?

Mitzvah students and organizations alike are in the midst of planning their fall and spring 5K’s, fun walks, gala dinners, bake sales, art shows and practically anything else which will draw a crowd, raise money, awareness and good will. For those first-time organizers, the challenge is in the who, what, where, why, how AND the big question of all—” If I build it, will they come?” The Mitzvah Bowl staff has event fundraising experience and hopes they can help first-timers, second-timers and pros with an easy way to bring event participants. First, dot your t’s and cross your i’s. No, […]