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Want to Be Positive?

Want to be positive like this bar mitzvah student? Brett, from New Jersey, decided to work with The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation to fight childhood cancer for his bar mitzvah project. Brett hosted many fundraisers in his community and played an important role in spreading awareness for childhood cancer. As part of his project, Brett and his family created a team at The B+ Foundation 5K. He enlisted others to run with him and acquire donations towards his teams page. Brett and his team then came down to Wilmington, Delaware to participate in the event. Brett, also helped organize a […]


Kids Helping Kids

Ever know a kid, maybe at school or temple, who had cancer? It’s pretty scary to think about. Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where kids didn’t get cancer? Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is trying to do just that – find a cure so that someday kids don’t get cancer. The best part is – YOU can help while fulfilling your Mitzvah project. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation was started by a 4-year-old little girl, Alexandra “Alex” Scott. Alex had cancer, but decided that she was going to start holding lemonade stands to raise money that would help […]