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Need Event Advice?

Mitzvah parents, teens and organizations:  Are you planning an upcoming event to support your cause? Have you thought about all of the variables regarding your event, especially how many people will show?  Your event will rely on how many people show up in order to plan for food, drinks, volunteer support, timing of the day and so much more!  Read this great article, RSVP Strategies for your Next Big Event, which will help you get a better handle on what to expect.   RSVP Strategies For Your Next Big Event Your event is a week away and only 15 people […]


Gia Nicole Angel Foundation

Gia Nicole Angel Foundation 146 Golden Drive, Dresher, PA  19025 Contact: Amy Corson-Nadell, President artcarte@aol.com, 215 429-9996 The Gia Nicole Angel Foundation is a non-profit organization which provides assistance to low income families with a special needs’ child.  The foundation was inspired by a young lady named Gia who was born with Spina Bifida and is now 21 years old.  Gia was given a 3% chance of survival at birth and fought her way to life, becoming an “angel” of sorts.  Our annual bowling benefit is our primary means of raising funds for our grant recipients.  This event enables us to assist many families by purchasing […]


The Warm Winter Campaign

  The Warm Winter Campaign from Yashar LaChayal The Warm Winter Campaign is an annual project of Yashar LaChayal, a non-profit organization based in Israel that works to provide combat soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces with goods they need that the army budget simply does not cover.  Among those goods is essential winterwear. Israel’s hot summers are misleading, making it difficult to imagine just how cold the winter can be.  Soldiers are serving on the Golan Heights and in high elevation areas face freezing and near freezing temperatures, winds and rain.  Soldiers in the south face freezing nights, despite the […]