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Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind

Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind Website 732 Settlers Circle, Warrington, PA 18976 Contact: Michael Leventhal, Executive Director 267 927-0205 mike@israelguidedog.org Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind provides guide dogs to visually impaired Israelis. They breed, raise and train the dogs in Israel so that they are familiar with the environment and so they respond to Hebrew commands. The dogs enable the blind and visually impaired Israeli’s to achieve independence, mobility, and self esteem. Sponsor a puppy and learn about the vital relationship between a guide dog and a blind Israeli. Mitzvah project ideas include raising funds for […]


Blind Golfer uses a Guide Dog trained in Hebrew

Zohar Sharon was a 26 year-old Israeli soldier when a chemical bomb that he was defusing blew up in his face. He has an amazing story, but the most impressive thing is that this man did not let blindness define him. With the help of his guide dog Venus and his caddy Shimshon, Zohar is the reigning World Champion Blind Golfer – a title that he has earned three times in a row! This is the type of person you are helping when you support the Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind. We are a small group of very […]


A ‘visionary’ gives more than expected to this project

Talia, from White Plains, New York was looking for a unique project that would combine her love of animals, with helping others and that would also connect her with an organization located in Israel. She found the perfect match with the Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind. She was amazed to find that this was the only place in the entire Middle East that breeds, raises and trains guide dogs for the visually impaired. She was fortunate enough to travel to Israel prior to her Bat Mitzvah, and when she visited the center she took a blind-fold walk with […]