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Simple Hanukkah Giving Ideas

Are you thinking of making your family’s Hanukkah gift exchange an exercise in giving back too? We’ve come up with a couple of creative ways to give back to others:1.  For your polyanna exchange, find out what your local Jewish Family Services needs in the way of Hanukkah presents for their clients.  Instead of (or in addition to) picking names of family members for gift exchanges, choose toys/clothing articles needed by area children.  One family member should be the point person to deliver the items to the Jewish Family Services local office. 2.  Make latkes and sufganiyot to deliver to […]


Fusing Turkeys and Dreidels

Dreidels and turkeys?  Menorahs and cornucopias? Latkes and sweet potato pie? What’s happening this year? On November 28, 2013, Hannukah and Thanksgiving coincide.  That’s the perfect opportunity to merge the concepts of giving, appreciating and celebrating!  Can you think of 8 opportunities to share with your community where you get to make miracles happen and give thanks? Here are just a few ideas but we would love to hear your suggestions too!  Send them to:  Info@themitzvahbowl.com. 1.  Enjoy playing games? Go to a senior facility and organize a dreidel game with chocolate gelt.  It will be a sweet treat for […]


Families Get Into the Act

Light up your holiday season with the act of giving.  You’ll find that going out of your way for others is the best gift.  No matter what holiday you celebrate, this is the perfect time of year to teach children to think of those who are less fortunate than themselves. For Hannukah, pick at least one day to give your children the opportunity to go shopping for another child who is underprivileged.  Reach out to a shelter or contact your school’s guidance counselor and inquire if there is a wish list for a family in need.  Take the time to […]