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Does your Temple have a Czech Torah Scroll?

For her mitzvah project, Sophia decided to dedicate the Czech Torah Scroll #1196 donated years ago to her synagogue, Temple Beth El, Newark, Delaware, by Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Kalin.  This scroll, an orphan scroll with an unknown origin whose identity was lost during the Holocaust, now honors the town of Strážnice in the Czech Republic. Strážnice is a town in the Czech Republic which has a small population of about 6000 people.  There is currently no Jewish community living there today.  However, prior to the Holocaust, Jews were a vital part of the community. Strážnice also has significance to Sophia’s […]


How to Participate in the Holocaust Stamps Project

The Holocaust Stamps Project is a community service learning (CSL) initiative, teaching history and tolerance one postage stamp at a time. The new school year 2015-2016 marks the beginning of the 7th year that the FRCS school community has been working towards collecting 11 million postage stamps.  Every stamp that the students touch brings them one step closer to understanding the immediate impact and long term effects of the intolerance and incomprehensible evil acts of the Third Reich during World War II. It would be a wonderful mitzvah project to work on the Holocaust Stamps Project which began in 2009 […]