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Holocaust Awareness Mitzvah Project

    All of my children devoted their Mitzvah projects to Holocaust awareness.  Following this tradition, my daughter chose to host a private screening of the movie, “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.” The film is considered age-appropriate, but we suggested that children should be at least nine years of age and accompanied by an adult.  We therefore, invited my daughter’s guests with their families.     “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” is a story about a clandestine friendship between two young boys, one the son of a Nazi commander and the other a Jewish concentration camp inmate.  The movie […]


An Event to Make a Lasting Impression

   Holocaust Awareness Mitzvah Project  My daughter chose to devote her Mitzvah Project to Holocaust awareness.  The program we organized, Holocaust Conversations Across Generations, was an opportunity for her friends to hear, first hand, the personal stories of Holocaust survivors.  She believed this project was important because the number of survivors are dwindling, and her generation will be the last to hear these accounts directly from survivors.      Holocaust Conversations Across Generations was held at our Synagogue.  If your Synagogue is not available, you could consider having the project in your home or at a local Holocaust center/museum.  Due to […]


Holocaust Awareness Museum

Holocaust Awareness Museum 10100 Jamison Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19116 Contact: Phil Holtje, Program Director holocaustmuseum@verizon.net (215) 464-4701 Using the resources of the museum, they educate Delaware Valley students and adults by personalizing the Holocaust so that they learn the consequences of racism, ethnic cleansing, and intolerance. The Holocaust was a watershed event, not only in the 20th century, but in the entire history of humanity. The study of the Holocaust provides one with the most effective ways to work with students to examine basic moral issues and value systems. For a mitzvah project, volunteers can participate in their Witness To […]