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Mitzvah T-Shirt Fundraisers

The Mitzvah Mavens, a family-owned favor business located in Ardmore, PA, are thrilled to announce—-Mitzvah Fundraisers!               The Mitzvah Mavens will help you and your Mitzvah child create and sell one of kind, unique t-shirts so that you can raise money for your Mitzvah Project. We will also help set up a FREE webpage for friends and family to visit to donate for your cause! For every t-shirt sold, $10 will go back to your charity. To learn more please click on the link: https://www.themitzvahmavens.com/mitzvah-fundraisers or call us at (610)642-4002. Vendor Sponsored Blog on […]


A ‘visionary’ gives more than expected to this project

Talia, from White Plains, New York was looking for a unique project that would combine her love of animals, with helping others and that would also connect her with an organization located in Israel. She found the perfect match with the Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind. She was amazed to find that this was the only place in the entire Middle East that breeds, raises and trains guide dogs for the visually impaired. She was fortunate enough to travel to Israel prior to her Bat Mitzvah, and when she visited the center she took a blind-fold walk with […]