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The Legacy of this Family

Kari Levine’s Mitzvah Project with Keren Or Jerusalem Center for the Blind with Multiple Disabilities. Keren-or.org As a teenager, I spent a year living in Israel, where I was able to volunteer at Keren Or’s Jerusalem Center for the Blind and Disabled. Every week, I traveled an hour by bus in order to spend time with a young girl named Aya. It was such a special part of my Israel experience. Years later, my memories of Aya and my time at Keren Or, have made me a regular donor to the organization. Fast forward 20 years, and it was time […]


Students Helping Students

It started last autumn when Alyssa Chadow, a teacher at the California School for the Blind (CSB), had the idea of doing a fundraiser. With more than 85 students, CSB educates children from different backgrounds who suffer from multiple disabilities in addition to blindness. The students of CSB are similar to our students in Israel, which is why Alyssa ended up choosing Keren Or for their fundraiser. Alyssa decided to dedicate the month of February to a fundraising Game-A-Thon. She suggested a pledge of fifty cents per game, and allowed sponsors to give more. During the month, 22 sponsored games […]


Keren Or

Keren Or 350 7th Ave., Suite 701 New York, New York 10001 (Center is located in Jerusalem) Contact: Elizabeth David Dembrowsky info@keren-or.org, 212 279-4070 Keren Or (Hebrew for ray of light) is the only center of its kind in the world under Jewish auspices devoted exclusively to the care and rehabilitation of children with visual impairment who are also physically and/or mentally disabled. Keren Or’s state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated staff, and individualized therapy programs allow each of their students to reach his or her maximum potential. There are several ways to make a difference in the lives of blind children with multiple […]