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Technology and Tzedakah

One of the most popular trends in bar and bat mitzvah preparation is the Tzedakah project. It’s an idea that has become an unofficial requirement in many communities. And it’s a great model because it teaches kids that becoming a Jewish adult means thinking about others and taking on responsibility for those less fortunate. Tzedakah might be a Jewish obligation but learning to step up to the plate and make a difference is a valuable choice. Many Jewish parents want their children to forge a relationship with Israel. Ten Gav offers a unique opportunity that allows a child to connect […]


Why Bother Teaching our Children to do Mitzvahs?

We encourage our kids to excel in school academically, to try their hardest at sports, to be socially active, and yet, how many parents take the time to push their children to do good deeds? For bar and bat mitzvahs, we spend the time ordering everything from invitations to arranging the dj or band.  We buy nice clothes for the family and we take our kids to their Hebrew lessons.  Yet, sometimes in the midst of our chaotic lives,  while preparing for this momentous occasion, the entire purpose of actually performing a mitzvah gets shoved under the rug while preparing […]