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Become Part of Emily’s Entourage!

Are you looking for a mitzvah project?  We can help you – to help others!  Cystic Fibrosis awareness and fundraising for medical advancements in the treatment of this genetic disease. Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a chronic, progressive disease that affects the lungs and digestive system, as well as a multitude of other organ systems. Living with CF involves breathing treatments, multiple medications, frequent infections and recurrent hospital stays. There are 30,000 people with CF in the United States and 70,000 worldwide. CF AND TAY SACHS ARE THE MOST COMMON FATAL GENETIC DISEASES AMONG ASHKENAZI JEWS. Emily’s Entourage is named for Emily, […]


Aaron’s Dash for Awareness

When I was just one year old, my Uncle Paul, my dad’s youngest brother, passed away. He had been waiting for an organ donation for about eight months, waiting for a double lung donation to come through for him, but it never did. I decided to do my bar mitzvah project in my uncle’s memory. I decided to raise awareness for the need for organ donations. As part of this, I also raised money that would go towards raising awareness. I created a virtual team for the Gift of Life organization’s 2012 Dash for Organ & Tissue Donation Awareness, a […]


Hats for Homes

Julie Baldassano, a sophomore at Upper Dublin, has always had a passion for volunteering to save animals. A dedicated vegetarian and animal rights activist for many years, she recently realized how she could make a real difference. Julie created the Hats for Homes fundraiser to give abandoned Golden Retrievers a loving home this holiday season! Ever since, she has been hard at work hand knitting comfortable, colorful hats (with pom-poms!) for everyone willing to donate 10 dollars or more to the cause. All of the profits raised will benefit the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue. Hats for Homes has already […]