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How Can The Mitzvah Bowl Help You?

Www.themitzvahbowl.com helps bar/bat mitzvah families AND 3 additional audiences. Here’s how we are dedicated to helping each of our client groupings: 1. Bar/Bat Mitzvah Families: Offers a up-to-date database of thousands of meaningful mitzvah projects and ideas for Bar/Bat mitzvah students. Over the past 2 months alone, we have helped over 2000 families. Just think how many families we have helped over the past 5 years! When a family contacts us directly with specific mitzvah project needs, we research their criteria and present them with alternatives.  Tell your friends and family all about what we do! 2. Synagogues: Provide support for Jewish […]


If I build it, will they come?

Mitzvah students and organizations alike are in the midst of planning their fall and spring 5K’s, fun walks, gala dinners, bake sales, art shows and practically anything else which will draw a crowd, raise money, awareness and good will. For those first-time organizers, the challenge is in the who, what, where, why, how AND the big question of all—” If I build it, will they come?” The Mitzvah Bowl staff has event fundraising experience and hopes they can help first-timers, second-timers and pros with an easy way to bring event participants. First, dot your t’s and cross your i’s. No, […]