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Plant A Seed Foundation

plantaseedfoundation.org 301 Oxford Valley Road Suite 1506 Yardley, Pennsylvania 19067 Contact:  Michele Rice (215) 860-8402 michele@plantaseedfoundation.org The Plant a Seed Inspire a Dream Foundation provides annual scholarships for children ages 10 to 18, to pursue passions and interests outside of school. We connect young people from low-income households to life-altering athletic, artistic, musical and creative activities led by positive role models. Based in Yardley, PA, the Plant a Seed Inspire a Dream Foundation serves the greater Philadelphia region and South Jersey. It is our hope to make a significant difference in the lives of children by encouraging their dreams. Our […]


Friends of Yemin Orde

YeminOrde.org 4340 East-West Highway, Suite 202, Bethesda, Maryland 20814 Contact:  Barbara Sherbill, Marketing Director, (202) 237-0286 barbara@yeminorde.org Friends of Yemin Orde is the U.S. fundraising arm of Yemin Orde Youth Village and Village Way Educational Initiatives (VWEI) in Israel. Yemin Orde Youth Village is located in the Carmel Forest region of northern Israel, near Haifa. It is home, school and safe haven to 430 at-risk immigrant youth from all over the world, including Ethiopia, France, the former Soviet Union, and Brazil. Most of Yemin Orde’s youth have experienced trauma: from abandonment and isolation to loss and extreme poverty. With the help […]