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Collecting, Researching and Visiting. The Perfect Mitzvah!

Two years ago, I started a Non-profit organization called eSmiles. It is devoted to collecting handheld electronics for children that are receiving treatment for long term illnesses. I collect the items, clean them up and deliver them to children so they can be entertained for a little bit of time while they are getting helped.  I am continuing this mission because I feel very fortunate to have all the wonderful electronics and so many other things in my life that keep me entertained and smiling. As I use these items to do my homework, keep up with friends and family […]


Teens & The High Holidays

With the High Holidays just weeks away, and the start of school upon us, it’s the perfect period for our teens to make the most of their free time. For this sweet New Year, show them how to lend a hand, (tikkun olam) and help repair the world through volunteerism. What can our teens do to perform mitzvot in the next several weeks? Here are 5 ideas: 1. Assemble packages with High Holiday greeting cards, distribute holiday foods (apples & honey) and create handmade picture frames to deliver to seniors at local centers throughout your area. 2. Sponsor a family in need via […]