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Starting a Collection

Many bar/bat mitzvah students are interested in working on a collection of goods as their mitzvah project. If you do not know where to begin, The Mitzvah Bowl has outlined 3 steps to get you started when collecting items for an organization: 1.  Identify what item/items the organization needs. The more specific you are when making a request to friends/family about what you need for your collection, the more items you will receive. 2.  Put out a request to family, friends, your school, your community and to the media. Local newspapers love doing stories about teenagers doing good deeds in their community. Don’t be shy […]


The Colored Pencil Project

The Colored Pencil Project P.O. Box 171269 Boston, MA 02117 Contact: Director (and founder) Hannah Richards info@thecoloredpencilproject.org The Colored Pencil Project was created to increase the access of art supplies to children in developing countries by distribuiting art supplies, specifically colored pencils and paper, and providing art currriculum to children in various orphanages, schools and rural villages. Art is extremely important developmentally for children. The Colored Pencil Project believes that art is the perfect way for chlldren to communicate their experiences, fears, and most importantly, their dreams. By bringing the dreams belonging to these children back to the United States, in […]