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Special Equestrians

Special Equestrians 2800 Street Rd., Warrington, PA 18976 Contact: Diane Sampson, Volunteer Coordinator¬†215 918-1001 ext.¬†306 Special Equestrians provides equine-assisted activities for people with various mental, physical, emotional, socio-economic challenges. We use our kind, patient, highly-trained therapy horses to provide dynamic exercise, deep vestibular input, fine- and gross-motor skill development, social communication and meaningful working relationships for our clients both in and out of the saddle. Our staff is dedicated to making the horse-loving experience accessible to all people, and uses their various professional qualifications in Therapeutic Riding, Hippotherapy, Special Education, Equestrian Science and Occupational Therapy to provide top-quality services. While […]


Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind

Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind Website 732 Settlers Circle, Warrington, PA 18976 Contact: Michael Leventhal, Executive Director 267 927-0205 mike@israelguidedog.org Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind provides guide dogs to visually impaired Israelis. They breed, raise and train the dogs in Israel so that they are familiar with the environment and so they respond to Hebrew commands. The dogs enable the blind and visually impaired Israeli’s to achieve independence, mobility, and self esteem. Sponsor a puppy and learn about the vital relationship between a guide dog and a blind Israeli. Mitzvah project ideas include raising funds for […]