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The Warm Winter Campaign

  The Warm Winter Campaign from Yashar LaChayal The Warm Winter Campaign is an annual project of Yashar LaChayal, a non-profit organization based in Israel that works to provide combat soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces with goods they need that the army budget simply does not cover.  Among those goods is essential winterwear. Israel’s hot summers are misleading, making it difficult to imagine just how cold the winter can be.  Soldiers are serving on the Golan Heights and in high elevation areas face freezing and near freezing temperatures, winds and rain.  Soldiers in the south face freezing nights, despite the […]


Yashar LaChayal

https://www.yasharlachayal.org P.O. Box 69 Adumim, Israel Friends of Yashar LaChayal, 49 Meadow Lane, Lawrence, NY 11559 Contact: Lisa Weinsoff, Project Coordinator lisa@yasharlachayal.org 954-633-5268 Yashar LaChayal is dedicated to assisting soldiers in the Israel Defense forces by providing goods and services when they are necessary, quickly and efficiently. Ongoing campaigns assist the families of needy IDF soldiers and provide Lone Soldiers in the IDF with assistance and support. Volunteer teams in Israel visit injured soldiers, and funds are raised in order to assist them as they recover from their injuries. In the autumn, Yashar LaChayal raises money to purchase winterwear for […]